Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fractal case for iPhone

   Here is a link to a case for an iphone 4/4S with my Blue feather fractal.
There are also many other products with this design in my Zazzle store and If you check out my Fractal Gallery you can also order prints of this design.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Blue Mandala Fractal Ipad case

Blue flower geometric fractal mandala design ipad cases
Blue flower geometric fractal mandala design ipad cases by Meganrene88
Order a unique custom made iPad case.
If the above Link does not work you can click here to see the featured product or see many other cases and electronic skins feauturing this and other designs here :Blue mandala fractal products

Fractal Reflections

Here is today's Fractal post. I call this one Reflections. You can purchase Posters, Framed Prints or Canvas prints here :Reflections Prints.
Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fractal Prints for Sale

     Here is the Link to my page on Imagekind  to purchase a framed print, poster, or Canvas of the Fractal from the previous post. Blue Mandala Fractal Prints
Here is the link to my new fractal gallery I am still in the process of adding many more designs so please check back often. My Fractal Art Gallery
Hope you enjoy these. Feel free to leave some feedback as well.

First Fractal Post!

Greetings Bloggers! Welcome to my new blog where I will be showcasing some of my Fractal art pieces,  I am currently revamping my gallery on Imagekind and will soon have a full gallery devoted to nothing but my fractals where you can order prints.  I currently have many products featuring my vibrant fractal designs up for sale in my zazzle store:  This link will also soon be featured on my link list.  This is the address of my main blog where I showcase my photography: 
Here Is My first fractal to post on the blog hope you enjoy it!